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LabMaster PWV

Pulse-wave acquisition system for
National Institutes of Health

Optimize your research, laboratory, educational and industrial applications using Scientific Solutions LabPac family of hardware data acquisition and control products and a sophisticated full-featured software environment.

LabPac Brand - Invents an Industry

Introduced in 1981 along with IBM's personal computer, the LabMaster and LabPac data-acquisition and control products were the world's first personal computer products to be used in the scientific, laboratory and education fields.

A pioneer in the industry being the first PC installable device driver, first data acquisition hardware and software programming environment and the first implementation of a personal computer for virtual instrumentation.

With LabPac's Scope software module turning a 1981 personal computer into a virtual oscilloscope - it was the forefront to today's modern function library and virtual instrumentation industry.

LabMaster DPCI

VPM Laboratory Instrument

LabPac allows you to use your computer as a "Versatile Virtual Instrument", which can perform traditional tasks of multi-meters, oscilloscope, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers and a host of other "traditional" measurement tasks in addition to creating and providing the tasks of analog, digital, clock and frequency signal generation. Instead of several "discrete" instruments on your bench-top, you can use Scientific Solutions LabPac hardware/software/Virtualization products to provide you with the measurement and signal generation instruments from a single workstation.

What Instruments does your work bench have?

A work bench may have many different pieces of equipment, including instruments used to create signals and instruments used to make measurements. The student, lab technician, educator, researcher, hobbyist, physician, scientist, etc. - all may require similar instruments or may need very specific instruments for their tasks.

Examples of instruments that make measurements are: Voltmeter to measure AC or DC voltage; Ammeter to measure electrical current; LCR meter to measure inductance, capacitance or resistance; Frequency Counter to measure periodic digital signals; Logic Analyzer to measure digital signals; Spectrum Analyzer to measure frequency content; and the Oscilloscope to observe and measure analog or digital signals.

Examples of instruments that create signals are: Power Supplies to create AC or DC voltages, Waveform Generators to create sine, square, triangle and other waveforms; Clock generators to create digital clocks; Frequency Generators to create spectrums; Music Synthesizers to create music; Digital Pattern Generators to create digital patterns; Audio Playback devices like to play audio.

Axon TL-1 Unit

TL-1 ElectroPhysiology Rig

Students use LabPac software to control their experiements and Learn!

For example, lets say you're an educator creating a student learning experience that requires a waveform generator to create a signal, a voltmeter to measure a voltage, and an oscilloscope to view the signal. For each student, you would need three pieces of equipment. And if you wanted to add another signal source or a different measurement, you would add additional equipment for each student.

With Scientific Solutions LabPac data acquisition and control products you could have a custom built "environment" that provided all these capabilities from a single computer workstation containing the Scientific Solutions data acquisition and control hardware and running the LabPac software. Same is true for the researcher, lab technician or factory automation specialists. And by just changing the software you could add or remove additional"virtual" instruments to the test bench.

An educator can create a complete learning experience, using the computer to be a virtual electrical, mechanical, biological, chemical or physics lab with hands on experiments using the instrumentation provided by the Scientific Solutions LabPac hardware and software.

Researchers use LabPac software to optimize their experiements and Discover!

A researcher can use the LabPac data-acquistion and control system to create, configure and run experiments - providing stimulus signals and acquiring data. As an example, Scientific Solutions LabMaster and LabPac products are the foundation of computer-based Electrophysiology research with products like the LabMaster EP Suite, which is for whole-cell recording and data analysis, providing the tools for designing and running voltage-clamp and current-clamp experiments with a host of analysis, filtering and data editing tools.

Factory's use LabPac software to Build!

Factory automation using Scientific Solutions hardware and software can provide greater versatitilty than the more traditional programmable controller technology.

Routines can be fully automated with the Scientific Solutions hardware/software creating signals, making measurements and then making decisions in software of actions to take, which can include creating other signals to turn on/off equipment, instructing cameras or microscopes to take pictures, sounding alarms, sending email, etc. This is often done in automated assembly or automated test lines.

Traditional Instruments Explained

Traditional instruments are pre-defined, pre-constructed stand-alone pieces of equipment that are typically made to perform a signal task.

Consider for example the digital multimeter; which can be in the form of a hand held or bench-top device with a display and a knob to select a measurement to make. Or the traditional oscilloscope, which again is a piece of equipment with various knobs to select measurement ranges and a display to view the signal or interest.

Each of these traditional designs are "hard-coded" in that they are each designed to perform their desired tasks.

Because of their "hard-coded" function, the traditional instrument equipment are limited in their versatility. That is, they can only do what they were designed to do, albeit very well - but they can't perform other tasks. If you desire other tasks, you have to acquire another piece of equipment.

Developers use LabPac software to Create!

Scientific Solutions LabPac data acquisition and control software includes a full featured function library that is the Application Programming Interface (API) for all of the Scientific Solutions data acquisition hardware products. The LabPac library works with the hardware device drivers to provide a fast, efficient and optimized application program environment.

Simple yet powerful functions handle event counting, precision timing, analog input, analog output, digital input and digital output.

Repetitive functions, such as multiple sampling of analog inputs, can be done using hardware interrupts, external triggers, pacer clocks, or timed intervals. The routines are designed to utilize the full power of Scientific Solutions products.

The LabPac library is cross-platform providing DOS, Windows and Linux application programs with a consistent library of function calls and virtualization routines.

Virtual Instruments Explained

With all the instruments required for your work, one can be surrounded with a bench-top cluttered with traditional stand-alone equipment.

Enter the idea of "Virtual" instruments. The term "Virtual" in this context means that the instrument does not physically exist as a stand-alone piece of equipment like a traditional instrument. Because of their "hard-coded" function, the traditional instrument equipment are limited in their versatility and can generally perform tasks they were designed to do. The Virtual instrument plays upon the idea of a computer outfitted with data-acquisition and control hardware along with sophisticated software.

The data acquisition hardware provides the Analog-to-Digital, Digital-to-Analog, Digital-I/O, and Counter/Timer features that then can perform as multi-meters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc under control of the data acquisition software. By simply changing the software, you can change the function of the hardware. No more one-instrument-does-one-thing but instead you have one-instrument-does-many-things.

LabPac software includes full support for A/D, D/A, Digital I/O, Counter Timer functions, programmable software gains, gain-array sequence tables, data streaming to disk, and graphic routines and a host of data handling features.

All Scientific Solutions products contain the embeded LabPac acquisition and control hardware that works in conjuction with the LabPac software routines.

The current version has an expanded library that includes function calls from the original LabPac DOS product in addition to new calls to support advanced Bus-mastering and COMEDI (COntrol and MEasurement Device Interface) function calls. Scientific Solutions LabPac software was available several years before competing products from other manufacturers, and continues today to be the longest sold and supported data-acquisition and control software in the industry.

LabPac for DOS is implemented as a TSR and integrates both the device driver and library and is callable from all DOS languages such as C/C++, Fortran, BASIC, Pascal and assembler. LabPac for DOS (introduced in 1981) was the world's first data acquisition programming library created for the IBM pc. It has stood the test of time and is still available and supported for our DOS customers

Labpac for Windows uses Scientific Solutions sophisticated 32-bit and 64-bit ring-0 kernel mode device drivers and DLL function library. The LabPac32.DLL, the application programming interface, is a consistent library that is used across the Scientific Solutions product line. This means for example, if you have a LabPac32 based application running on a LabMaster DMA ISA card, it could run with little or no modification on a LabMaster PRO PCI card - providing an easy migration path from one technology to the other. Using a standard DLL model, LabPac libraries allow any language that runs under Win98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 or Win8 to access its functions including C/C++, C#, VisualC, VisualBasic, BorlandC, etc.

LabPac data-acquisition software for Windows includes the original DOS function calls and adds the full COMEDI library

Virtual Scope

Since 1981, Scientific Solutions has been offering Versatile Virtual Instruments for the laboratory bench top. LabPac Scope, introduced in 1981, made your IBM PC and PC-DOS computer into a two channel digital oscilloscope.

We've come a long way since those C:> DOS days and flipping between text mode and graphics mode and today's graphical windowing environment enhance the Virtual Scope beyond the capabilities of many of the traditional stand-alone instruments

Scientific Solutions PowerTag® technology is embedded in the LabPac library. PowerTag works within LabPac to provide sophisticated data tagging such as with the LabMaster PRO Analog and Digital Output signals. With PowerTag, the data to update is automatically selected and "tagged" when the LabPac call is made to perform an Analog Output or a Digital Output. This "tagging" allows for the Analog and Digital data to be packed in memory in the desired order with the destination tag data embedded with the sample data. The on-board processor of the LabMaster PRO card uses the tag data to determine the destination function (Analog Out 0, Analog Out 1, Digital Out, etc.).

Scientific Solutions' products continue to set the industry standard for quality and versatility in the lab as well as in OEM applications. From controlling the testing on the Spectra camera line, to monitor the progress of the worlds Olympic and professional athletes during physical therapy, to an engineering student working on an experiment, we are product of the accomplishments of our users.

Since 1974, Scientific Solutions has maintained a commitment to the scientific and particularly the educational fields and it's uniquely able to capitalize on years of technical expertise and manufacturing know-how. But the part of our heritage we're produest of is the interest and concern we've always had for the professionals in the laboratory and the job they're trying to do.

LabPac Kits

Scientific Solutions ® Inc.

LabPac Brand Enhancement Products

The Scientific Solutions LabPac brand of products support and enhance laboratory functions, data acquisition, virtual instruments and process control systems. Each product is carefully constructed and tested and where applicable include MSDS, Certificate of Analysis and Conformance, and NIST calibration data.

For Laboratory and Educational use

The LabPac brand of products means that each one has been carefully designed, built and tested to exact specifications and suitable for high-end laboratory use yet still cost-effective and safe for educational use.

We are pleased to support education by offering discounts to educational institutions and students.

LabPac Laboratory Support Products

These LabPac laboratory items are used to keep your equipment operational. Some of the items are consumable parts; namely the D.I. columns, the test solution, the printer ribbon and printer paper. Also, there are a couple of additional items that are useful to verify your equipment is operating correctly; these items include thermometer, hydrometer, #3 standardizing test solution and pipette. Your users guide will generally inform you as to which items you need. If you have any questions, contact Scientific Solutions.

LabPac Brand Laboratory Enhancement Products
Scientific Solutions
Part Number
Image Description Price More Info
0301168 D.I. Column LabPac® De-Ionization Column HC
For OmegaMeter 600, 600R, 600SMD and other systems
Large D.I. Column
Hose Clamp Version


More Info
0301170 Virutal Probe LabPac® OM-600 Virtual Probe
For OmegaMeter Electrical Verification Test


More Info
0301171 Resistivity Sensor LabPac® OmegaMeter 600 Resistivity Sensor


More Info
0301173 D.I. Column LabPac® De-Ionization Column QC
For use in systems with Quick-Connect Holders
Large D.I. Column
Quick Connect Version


More Info
0301176 Solvent Extract LabPac® Solvent Extract 75i
Pre-mixture 75% IPA, 25% De-Ionized H20 (1 US-gallon)


More Info
0301177 IsoPropyl Alcohol LabPac® IPA 99%
IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) 99% concentration (1 US-gallon)


More Info
0301175 OmegaMeter 600 Printer Ribbon Cassette LabPac® OmegaMeter 600 Printer Cartridge


More Info
0301178 OmegaMeter 600 Printer Ribbon LabPac® OmegaMeter 600 Printer Ribbon


More Info
0301179 OmegaMeter 600 Printer Paper LabPac® OmegaMeter 600 Printer Paper


More Info
0301180 LabPac Standardizing Solution #3 LabPac® #3 Standardizing Solution
75 ml bottle
Use for Chemical Verification Test


More Info
0301181 Pipette LabPac® Pipette, 5ml


More Info
0301182 Thermometer LabPac® Lollipop Thermometer


More Info
0301183 Hydrometer LabPac® Hydrometer 0.79-0.90


More Info
0301184 Hydrometer w/siphon set LabPac® Hydrometer 0.79-0.80 with siphon set


More Info
0301185 USB Microscope w/polarizer LabPac® USB Microscope with Polarizer


More Info

LabPac Product kits by Part Number
Scientific Solutions
Part Number
811898 LabPac IDE for DOS
821012-OS2 LabPac IDE for OS/2
821012-W LabPac IDE for windows
821012-C LabPac COMEDI programming kit
821012-L Labpac IDE for Linux
821012-VILV LabPac Virtual Instruments for LabView
821012-VITK LabPac Virtual Instrument Toolkit
821013 LabPac ElectroPhysiology Suite
0301168 LabPac De-Ionization column HC
0301170 LabPac OM600 Virtual Probe
0301171 LabPac OM600 Resistivity Sensor
0301173 LabPac DE-Ionization column QC
0301176 LabPac Solvent 75i
0301177 LabPac IPA 99%
0301175 LabPac OM600 Printer Cartridge
0301178 LabPac OM Printer Ribbon
0301179 LabPac 600 Printer Paper
0301180 LabPac #3 Standardizing Solution
0301181 LabPac Pipette 5mL
0301182 LabPac Lollipop Thermometer
0301183 LabPac Hydrometer 0.790-0.900
0301184 LabPac Hydrometer 0.7900.900 Siphon Set
0301185 LabPac USB MicroScope with Polarizer
811111 LabPac DPCI
811112 LabPac DPCI Photon
811113 LabPac Photon 16bit
811114 LabPac DPCI w/o Analog Module
811115 LabPac DPCI PC Interface
811116 LabPac DPCI 50Khz
811895 LabPac DMA 50Khz, HG
811896 LabPac DMA 100 OEM-2
811899 LabPac DMA - Lockheed Martin Custom version
811900 LabPac w/o Analog Module
811901 LabPac TM-40-PGH Analog Module
811902 LabPac TM-40-PGL Analog Module
811903 LabPac TM-40 Analog Module
811904 LabPac TM-100 Analog Module
811910 LabPac TM-14-SE-U-PRK
811911 LabPac TM-16-DI-B
811912 LabPac TM-16-DI-B-PGH
811913 LabPac TM-16-DI-B-PGL
811914 LabPac TM-16-DI-B-PRK
811915 LabPac TM-16-DI-U
811915 LabPac DMA ST64 Upgrade
811916 LabPac TM-16-DI-U-PGH
811917 LabPac TM-16-DI-U-PGL
811918 LabPac TM-16-DI-U-PRK
811919 LabPac TM-14-SE-B
811920 LabPac TM-14-SE-B-PGH
811921 LabPac TM-14-SE-B-PGL
811922 LabPac TM-14-SE-B-PRK
811923 LabPac TM-14-SE-U
811924 LabPac TM-14-SE-U-PGH
811925 LabPac TM-14-SE-U-PGL
811926 LabPac TM-100
811927 LabPac TM-14-DI-B
811928 LabPac TM-14-DI-B-PGH
811929 LabPac TM-14-DI-B-PRK
811930 LabPac TM-14-DI-U
811931 LabPac TM-14-DI-U-PGH
811932 LabPac TM-14-DI-U-PGL
811933 LabPac TM-14-DI-U-PRK
811934 LabPac TM-16-SE-B
811935 LabPac TM-16-SE-B-PGH
811936 LabPac TM-16-SE-B-PGL
811937 LabPac TM-16-SE-B-PRK
811938 LabPac TM-16-SE-U
811939 LabPac TM-16-SE-U-PGH
811940 LabPac TM-16-SE-U-PGL
811942 LabPac DT-701-MA RETMA RACK CJC
811943 LabPac DT-701-T RETMA RACK REC. MOUNT
811945 LabPac TM-250
811946 LabPac TM-16-SE-U-PRK
811947 LabPac TM-40-PGL
811948 LabPac TM-40-PGH
811949 LabPac TM-40-PRK
811950 LabPac TM-40
811951 LabPac TM-14-DI-B-PRL
811952 LabPac TM-AD231-1-SE
811953 LabPac TM-AD231-2-SE
811954 LabPac TM-AD-231-3-SE
811955 LabPac TM-AD-231-4-SE
811956 LabPac TM-AD231-5-SE
811957 LabPac TM-AD-231-1-DI
811958 LabPac TM-AD231-2-DI
811959 LabPac TM-AD231-3-DI
811960 LabPac TM-AD231-4-DI
811961 LabPac TM-AD231-5-DI
811962 LabPac DMA Bundled
811963 LabPac DMA PGL Bundled
811964 LabPac DMA PGH Bundled
811965 LabPac DMA TM-100 Bundled
811966 LabPac DMA
811970 LabPac 10 pos. Screw Terminal
811972 LabPac 26 pos. Screw Terminal
811973 LabPac 40 pos. Screw Terminal
811974 LabPac 50 pos. Screw Terminal
811980 LabPac TM-40 AXON
811981 LabPac TM-100 AXON
811982 LabPac DMA TM-40 Axon
811983 LabPac DMA TM-100 Axon
811984 LabPac TM-40 HI FI
811985 LabPac DMA PGL
811986 LabPac DMA PGH
811987 LabPac DMA TM-100
811993 LabPac DMA MB AXON
813507 LabPac PRO - Window Control Unit
813510 LabPac BNC Desktop Unit - 60
813512 LabPac BNC DeskTop Unit - 68
813514 LabPac LabRack BNC PRO
813530 LabPac PRO ST52 -68
813536 LabPac Advanced Design PGL OEM
813537 LabPac Advanced Design PGH OEM
813538 LabPac Advanced Design PGH
813539 LabPac Advanced Design PGL
813540 LabPac AD Scr Term. Panel
813540 LabPac ADEX/PRO ST56
813541 LabPac LabRack BNC Termination Panel
813542 LabPac AD 64 Channel ADC Expansion (use with 813540)
813543 LabPac DMA LabRack BNC Cable Set
813545 LabPac DMA PC Interface with I/O
813547 LabPac AD Software Toolkit
813548 LabPac AD PGH with LabRack
813549 LabPac AD PGL with LabRack
813555 LabPac AD SM64
813556 LabPac AD Win32 Drivers
813557 LabPac LabRack Enclosure
813558 LabPac LabRack Cable Set 10'
813559 LabPac LabRack Enclosure AXON
813565 LabPac SM DC Expansion 8
813566 LabPac SM DC Expansion 16
813568 LabPac MUXER ST104
813569 LabPac AD PCL 64
813570 LabPac AD Scr. Term ST104
813571 LabPac AD Cable Assembly
813572 LabPac AiDIO 6416 -60
813574 LabPac AIDIO 6416 -68
813575 LabPac AIDIO 128L16
813600 LabPac DMA,160Khz,HGI,BNC-DT AXON
813601 LabPac DMA,160Khz,HGI,BNC-RM AXON
813602 LabPac DMA,160Khz,HGI,ST64MJ AXON
813604 LabPac DMA,50Khz HGE,ST64MJ
813605 LabPac DMA,50Khz PGH,ST64MJ
813606 LabPac DMA,50Khz PGL,ST64MJ
813607 LabPac DMA,12bit, 50Khz HG,BNC RM
813608 LabPac DMA,12bit, 50Khz PGH,BNC RM
813609 LabPac DMA,12bit, 50Khz PGL,BNC RM
813610 LabPac DMA,50 Khz HGE, BNC DT
813611 LabPac DMA,50 Khz PGH, BNC DT
813612 LabPac DMA,50 Khz PGL, BNC DT
813620 LabPac DMA,50Khz. HG DT BNC
813623 LabPac DMA,160K HG,DESK TOP BNC
813675 LabPac ADEX
814097 LabPac DMA,ST64-MJ3.5 UP-GRADE
814098 LabPac DMA NI,50Khz HG,10'CBL,W/O ENC
814099 LabPac DMA ST64 UP-GRADE
814100 LabPac DMA,50Khz,HGE ST64
814101 LabPac DMA,50Khz,PGH,ST64
814102 LabPac DMA,50Khz,PGL,ST64
814103 LabPac DMA,160Khz,HGR,ST64
814104 LabPac DMA,160Khz,PGH,ST64
814105 LabPac' DMA,160Khz,PGL,ST64
814108 LabPac DMA,160Khz HGR,ST64,8228
814111 LabPac DMA,50Khz,PGH,ST64
814116 LabPac DMA,50Khz PGH,RC,W/16 BNC TERM
814118 LabPac DMA,50Khz HGE,DT BNC,SPECIAL
814120 LabPac DMA,50Khz,HGE RC
814121 LabPac DMA,50Khz PGH RC
814122 LabPac DMA,50Khz,PGL,RC
814123 LabPac DMA,160Khz HGE,RC
814124 LabPac DMA,160Khz PGH,RC REV A
814125 LabPac DMA,160Khz PGL,RC REV A
814130 LabPac DMA,50Khz,HGE,w/o encl
814131 LabPac DMA,50Khz,PGH,w/o encl
814132 LabPac DMA,50Khz,PGL,w/o encl
814133 LabPac DMA,160Khz HGE,w/o encl
814134 LabPac DMA,160Khz PGH,w/o encl
814135 LabPac DMA,160Khz PGL,w/o encl
814138 LabPac DMA,50Khz PGL,W/O CBL,ENCL.
814200 LabPac DMA,160Khz HGR,ST64MJ
814201 LabPac DMA,160Khz PGH,ST64MJ
814202 LabPac DMA 160Khz PGL,ST64MJ
814210 LabPac DMA 160Khz, HG, BNC, RM
814210 LabPac DMA 160Khz, HG, BNC, RM
814211 LabPac DMA 160Khz, PGH, BNC, RM
814312 LabPac DMA,160Khz PGL,BNC DT
815101 LabPac DMA,16/14 HGE,ST64
815102 LabPac DMA,16/14 PGH,ST64
815103 LabPac DMA,16/14 PGL,ST64
815110 LabPac DMA,16/14 HGE,ST64MJ
815111 LabPac DMA,16/14 PGH,ST64MJ
815112 LabPac DMA,16/14 PGL,ST64MJ
815120 LabPac DMA 16/14 HGE,RC
815121 LabPac DMA,16/14 PGH,RC
815122 LabPac DMA,16/14 PGL,RC
815130 LabPac DMA,16BIT 160Khz. DT BNC
815300 LabPac PRO PCI 60
815305 LabPac PRO Wright State
815310 LabPac PRO PCI 68
815350 LabPac DPCI 50Khz HGE
815356 LabPac DPCI 50Khz HGE w/ST64