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D.I. Columns for Omega Meter Contamination Measurement System

omega 600smd omega 600smd
Picture shows the D.I. Column for Omega Meter


De_Ionizing Columns

The de-ionizing columns (also called cartridges) used in the OmegaMeter System to regenerate and purify extract solution will eventually become spent and require replacement. In normal use, the columns will provide approximately 12 to 24 months service. Actual life will depend on the number of tests performed and the amount of contaminant introduced into the system. However, it will become obvious when the columns become spent as they will no longer be capable of regenerating high purity test solution. Usable columns are capable of generating a 75% alcohol / 25% water solution to a purity exceeding 45 MegaOhm-cm resistivity.

Note that some systems have the D.I. Columns directly connected to tubes using hose clamps, while other other systems may use a quick-connect arrangement that allows for faster / easier replacement. Make sure you know which ones your particular system uses so you can order the right ones. The only difference between the columns is the connection on the ends. Refer to the pictures shown below to determine if your machine uses the quick-connect or the hose-clamp type of connections.


The D.I. Columns are cylindical shaped plastic cartidges filled with a mixture of Hydroxide form Anion exchange resin and Hydrogen form Cation exchange resin beads. When the test solution (75%-IPA, 25%-H20) passes thru these columns, the contamination is removed from the solution and absorbed by the beads. This results in cleaning and de-ionizing the solution. Over time the beads will become saturated with the contamination and can no longer clean the fluid, at which time the columns need to be replaced

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the D.I. Column. (pdf)

The OmegMeter 600R and 600SMD use four of the D.I. Columns. The OmegaMeter 700M uses eight

Additional Pictures

Hose Clamp D.I. Columns
Hose-Clamp D.I. Columns mounted in cabinet

Quick-connect D.I. Columns
Quick-Disconnect D.I. Columns mounted in cabinet