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Pipette for Omega Meter Contamination Measurement System

Picture shows the Pipette


The Chemical Verification is used to verify that the OmegaMeter is working correctly.

Normally, the OmegaMeter measures contamination from a circuit board. But how do you know if the measurement is correct? The Chemical Verification test is used to verify that the machine is actually working correctly.

Instead of using a circuit board and measuring the contamination, the Chemical Verification test uses a known quantity of contamination. The source of the contamination is the "#3 Standardizing Solution" and the known quantity is 5ml.

The Pipet is what you use to precisely measure 5ml of #3SS.

Designed from ASTM E 1293 Style 1, Class B. and calibrated to deliver the 5ml at 20° C. The Pipet has a permanently colored brown scale with the 0 line at the top. Capacity of unit is just above the tapered delivery tip. Diameter is reduced at the top for ease in manipulation and a fill bulb is attached.

Capacity 5mL
Tolerance +/-0.04mL
Band Color Blue
Subdivisions 0.1mL