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Solvent Extract Solution for Omega Meter Contamination Measurement System

Solvent Extract Bottle
Picture shows a 1 US gallon of the Solvent Extract


The OmegaMeter uses a wash solution of 75% by volume of ACS reagent grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and 25% by volume of distilled water.

This "wash" solution is also referred to as the "test solution" or "extract solution" as its purpose is to wash off, or extract contaminates from a circuit board.

When you initally fill the OmegaMeter, you need to fill it with the correct ration of IPA to H20. You can either do this by filling with this pre-mixed solution, or by adding 99% pure IPA and distilled water in the correct ratio and mixing as it is poured into the unit.

The solution concentration (Alcohol/Water Ratio) may eventually change due to evaporation and the level may drop due to drag on the tested assemblies. You will need 99% IPA and pure distilled water to bring the ratio back into compliance.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the Solvent Extract Solution (pdf)

Extract Solution
Amount in bottle 1 US gallon
Amount used per OmegaMeter 8 - 11 gallons, depending upon test cell size
Solution Ratio 75% IPA - 25% D-H2O