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Virtual Probe for Omega Meter Contamination Measurement System

Picture shows the Virtual Probe


What is the Virtual Probe, and why do you need it?

You probably don't need it, unless you are having problems with your OmegaMeter.

The electrical verification procedure allows one to verify that the OmegaMeter's electronics associated with measuring the resistivity of the Extract Solution is working correctly independent of the Extract Solution's chemical composition.

In the OmegaMeter, the resistivity is measured by use of a sensor that comes in contact with the test solution and by circuits that take the sensor's measurement and convert it to a reading on the LCD screen. The electrical verification tests the electronics only by substituting a "virtual probe" in place of the real sensor. This "virtual probe" is precisely calibrated to provide a pre-determined contamination value of about 3.89 MΩ-cm to the instrument's circuits.

So you unplug the cable going to the real sensor and plug in this Virtual Probe. Then you run the Electrical Verification Test on the OmegaMeter. If all goes well, you will measure about 3.89 MΩ-cm. If there is something wrong with the measuring electronics, you will measure something else.

Note that if you run a Chemical Verification Test and it passes fine, then there is no need to run an Electrical Verification Test.

However, if the Chemical Verification Test fails, then in order to determine if the problem is with the actual sensor or the other electronics is to use the Virtual Probe. If the Chemical Verification Test fails and the Electrical Verification test passes - then more than likely the actual sensor is bad. However, if the Chemcial and Electrical tests fail - then the problem could be the sensor AND the other electronics.

Virtual Probe
Calibration Value 3.89 MΩ-cm
Tolerance 2%
Overall Dimensions 60mm L x 25mm D
2.4" L x 1" D